Absolutely not, here is the strategy to 6pack abs, it is not easy but it’s the best way!!

1. DIET:If you aren’t watching the foods you put in your mouth with each and every meal, success will elude you. If you were to gather a group of people in a room who have already achieve the six pack abs and ask them their number one tip for results, 90% of them would state diet. .
2. CALORIES:Figuring out your calorie intake is paramount so what you need to do first. At the lower body fat levels, your body is going to fight you harder to get the six pack abs you’re after. When you get to the point of having to lower them this much, it’s wise to calorie cycle between the very low levels and slightly higher levels to ensure that your metabolism doesn’t crash. Place a few more calories on days you have a heavy workout and lower them again on days you don’t.

3. PROTEIN:To get the six pack abs, protein needs to be high. It’ll boost your metabolic rate up, prevent the lean muscle mass loss that typically accompanies very low calorie diets, and keep you from feeling hungry. Make no mistake about it, when you’re at 9 calories per pound of body weight as your intake, you will be very happy to have the extra protein content of your diet up higher.

4. CARBOHYDRATES:Are the nutrient that gets discussed the most when the topic of the six pack abs comes up. They are important to keep in there some days, however. If carbs are too low for too long of a time, energy levels will drop, cravings will become extremely intense, and your resting metabolic rate will plummet. At the very least, put 25-50 grams both before and after your workout sessions on the hard days and never omit vegetables (a low calorie carbohydrate) source from your diet. When done correctly these are extremely beneficial at preventing stalled progress and something every strict diet must have.

5. FAT:When it’s time to really get ripped up so you can get the six pack abs physique, you will not be eating all that much dietary fat. Limit it to only a few grams per meal coming from the absolute healthiest sources such as flax seeds/oil, olive oil, nuts, and fatty fish or fish oil.