As we all know, one of the most important aspects of creating a muscular body or even just losing weight is nutrition but there is another aspect almost just as important and without it, you will never succeed with your fitness goals…sleep. Your physique is nothing without sleep.

Sleep is crucial when trying to stay healthy and fit… physically and mentally. Yet, it is easily forgotten and taken for granted. You may think you can push through the issues following days/weeks/months of little to no sleeping but the truth is, nothing can overcome what you lose when you miss sleep. That time is when your body rests, repairs, builds muscle, and even loses weight!

Without rest the body loses the chance to reap all of the benefits of your hard workouts and diet plans. Aside from that, your body also suffers mentally when sleep is lost. Studies have shown that people are less motivated, less energetic, and more likely to feel depressed when proper amounts of sleep are not being met. Studies show that we should be getting at least seven hours of sleep per night.

Missing out on sleep even just a few days a week causes serious changes to your body than one may realize. Your hormones can be seriously disrupted causing mood swings, food cravings and even can prevent the way your body removes fat from the bloodstream causing it to store in areas that can cause serious health issues.

Feeling sluggish isn’t all you will feel the day after a poor night’s sleep. Studies show that people are much more likely to make poor decisions like eating unhealthy food throughout the day. Also, you know that feeling of being unable to satisfy yourself or get that “full” feeling? Well, studies also show that the disruption in your hormones from a lack of sleep can cause those feelings as well.

So don’t unravel all of your hard work by missing your well-deserved good night of sleep!

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