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Why You Need More Testosterone


Men need testosterone for sexual maturation; women require it for system regulation. In men testosterone is required for: Sexual changes during puberty such as: the testes growing, pubic and bodily hair developing, muscle and bone growth, the voice deepening. Muscle size and strength in adults. Bone strength in adults. Sex …read more

How To Increase Testosterone Naturally (For Men)


Testosterone is the favourite hormone of every bodybuilder. It is what gives us the drive and vigor needed to get things done as well as the critical component in increasing our muscle mass and having a healthy sex drive. Testosterone levels will spike during puberty explaining the rapid increase in …read more

The Science of Bulking

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Sooner or later everyone who trains regularly asks themselves the question “How can I gain muscle?” On the surface, this seems to be a relatively straightforward question. Yet, it is so difficult to find the answer, since there is so much information (and twice more misinformation) that it is hard …read more

Five Bodybuilding Myths Destroyed

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In bodybuilding fraternities The Myth refers to arguably the greatest bodybuilder of all-time, the Cuban colossus Sergio Oliva. The Myth was known as someone of unshakeable confidence and integrity which is a lot more than can be said for some of the myths promulgated in the name of science that …read more